Saint Louis Root Protection Services

Many homeowners think that a simple way to provide tree care in Saint Louis, MO is through high level of mulching and fertilizing year-round, thinking that this will provide their trees with all the nutrition they need to stay strong, healthy, and stunning no matter how much sunlight or rainfall the tree receives naturally. While this thinking is based on the best of intentions, deep burying practices and over-mulching can actually lead to a number of different Saint Louis tree service problems including poor tree health, stunted tree growth, or even the need for professional tree removal in Saint Louis, MO as a result of dangerous conditions.

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That said, by hiring the trained root protection Saint Louis, MO arborists here at Arbor Tree Care to take care of your unique Saint Louis tree care needs you can be assured that all the symptoms of root suffocation will be identified and appropriate tree service Saint Louis, MO treatments will have your trees looking better than ever with just one quick, affordable treatment. Generally this is possible through the expert completion of a new technique called root collar excavation which uses specialty compressed air tools to loosen and reduce the pressure on your trees root system.

By having root protection Saint Louis, MO services like root collar excavation performed by the highly experienced and highly skilled arborists here at Arbor Tree Care you can expect to see a number of different symptoms reduce and the life and beauty of your tree to be greater than you’ve ever seen. Contact our specialists on root protection in Saint Louis, MO today to reserve a complimentary assessment and comprehensive estimate of the tree services your Saint Louis, MO home could most benefit from having completed. You’re sure to be blown away by how much the professional help of tree service Saint Louis, MO specialists can affect your home’s beauty, safety, and even property value.